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Mommyish Death Match: Is This Baby Teeth Necklace Creepy Or Cool?

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I love jewelry. I love my kids. You’d think the mash-up of these two things would be a wild success, right? I’m on the fence.

I saw this on Etsy today.



Yup – that’s your kid’s teeth. Made into a very hip brass bracelet.

  • Handmade item

  • Materials: Brass, Sterling Silver, Gold, Tooth

  • Made to order

  • Ships worldwide from Brooklyn, New York

I love brass jewelry. It’s not silver, it’s not gold, it’s a happy little medium. It looks vintage and cool. But something about mailing my kid’s tooth to a stranger to cast in brass seems odd. No? Maybe not.

Actually, the only reason I’m really on the fence is because it reminds me of one of those shark teeth bracelets you see in a gift shop at Sea World – but obviously cooler. I’ve never even thought of wearing a human tooth on my person, but I’m sure there are people who shove locks of their kids hair into a locket or something, right?

I once saw an episode of Project Runway where one of the finalists was accentuating all of his clothing with actual human hair. I was immediately grossed out by that. I did not have the same immediate reaction to this, so maybe the idea would grow on me? Well, I know exactly zero people who would buy this for me anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter. So… my final verdict is… Creepy.

What says you – baby teeth as jewelry, creepy or not?

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