Watch This Adorable Baby Take Her First Steps to Get a French Fry

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Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation, and you can do something amazing that you’ve never done before. If you’re lucky, you might even get a French fry out of it, like this adorable little baby. The new walker took her first steps in pursuit of a French fry, and she couldn’t be more excited about it.

Watch this baby take her first steps to get her dad’s French fry.


This little girl is named Evie, and her dad, Ben Hayman, captured the magical moment she took her first steps on video. Some babies might be thrilled by the mere prospect of mobility, but little Evie just wanted her dad’s French fry.

Evie’s a shockingly strong walker, too! My toddler’s first-step video had to be edited short for the grandparents, because she took a step and a half and landed right on her face. Evie takes several strong, decisive steps towards that fry. And she looks ecstatic.

Hayman holds the French fry out to her and coaxes her to come toward him. Her little mouth chomps like a shark. She wants that French fry. Nobody has ever looked as determined as that little girl. With that expression on her face, she looks like she could move mountains. She takes a step towards the French fry. Then another one.

“Come on, come on!” her dad coos.

Suddenly Evie realizes she’s just walked, and her face breaks into a huge grin and she lets out the most wonderful laugh. She and her dad are both amazed, and it’s beautiful and heartwarming and so, so cute.

And she still wants that French fry.

I was about to say that little Evie was the cutest baby in the world, but it turns out she is actually a twin! My day is made. Their dad posts photos and videos of them on Instagram, and I could watch these little babies all day.

Here they are laughing at each other after a very messy dinner.

And here is one of them rearranging all the furniture in the house.

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?…clean…repeat… ?

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These kids are a hoot.

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