21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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There is a #BabySharkChallenge.

baby shark challenge

Images: Giphy / NBA

The #BabySharkChallenge is a dance challenge similar to the one for Drake’s “In My Feelings” where someone dances to “Baby Shark” next to a car with an open door, shark costume optional. Do we really need another dance challenge for another viral hit? Maybe not, but it is kind of fun to watch people dance to the tune of “Baby Shark” when you’re bored enough. And people love to watch these videos too. In fact, #BabySharkChallenge videos racked  396 million views on YouTube. If you want to take part in the #BabySharkChallenge craze, now is the time to do it. Just don’t jump out of your car while doing the challenge, according to experts. Just want to watch from your couch? “When Mum Forces Dad To Do the Baby Shark” is a hilarious version that racked up over 797,000 views on YouTube.

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