21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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Someone has a massive Baby Shark themed Christmas light display.

baby shark christmas lights

Images: Hinjosa Family / Boerne

When the excitement from Baby Shark and Christmas spirit are combined together, it creates a spectacular response. One Texas family, the Hinojosa family, created a huge display of up to 100,000 lights that blink to the beat of the hit preschool song playing on repeat. The Hinojosa family chooses a new song to match their holiday lights every year. This year they chose “Baby Shark”, which was a great choice since their 4-year-old son, Liam, loved the song. The display took a few weeks to create and became viral after they posted a video of the display on the internet. While the lights are a beautiful sight, it must be expensive to light up 100,000 of them for the holiday season.

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