21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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A two-year-old went viral from asking the Alexa device to play “Baby Shark”.

toddler dancing

Images: Reddit / @lovemesomereddit

This adorable video about a two-year-old Zoe Turner asking Alexa to play “baby sherk” is sure to make your day! After the toddler asks Alexa to play the popular song a couple of times, the device plays the wrong song each time. She asks her mom to ask Alexa instead and when the Amazon device plays the song and she squeals with excitement. Her dance to the song was so cute and it included all of the Baby Shark hand motions. This video has over a million views on YouTube after it was uploaded in October 2018. Due to the video’s popularity, Zoe and her family are invited on the Today Show that month. Zoe asks Alexa for “Baby Shark” once again, and this time the device plays the song for her. This video also received over a million views on YouTube.

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