21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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Parents are throwing Baby Shark birthday parties for their children.

baby shark birthday party

Images: Giphy / Super Simple Rhymes

Now that Baby Shark has reached its peak, many toddlers are asking their parents to throw them a Baby Shark birthday party. Unfortunately, that they don’t sell any Pinkfong Baby Shark party decorations at your local party supply store. But parents are taking to Pinterest to find interesting ways to create their own Baby Shark themed decor for their child’s birthday bash. If you would like to have Baby Shark and the Pinkfong fox make an entrance at your child’s birthday party, it isn’t cheap. Baby Shark costumes by Pinkfong cost over $300 with expensive shipping costs. You might have to stick to your very own Daddy Shark dressing up as a traditional shark or shark head for something more frugal.

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