21 Catchy Facts About Baby Shark

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There are many different holiday versions of Baby Shark.

santa shark

Images: Giphy / Super Simple Rhymes

Baby Shark became such a major hit that several companies began to cash in on the madness. Bounce Patrol created the most popular version of Halloween Baby Shark in October 2018, which has over 296 million views. This video consists of people dressing up in Halloween costumes and doing the Baby Shark dance. PinkFong’s Christmas Sharks video has 64 million views. This version has the same beloved family of sharks with a special visit from Santa Shark. Pinkfong even released a Valentine’s Day version of the song that has 15 million views. Which version of Baby Shark will come out next? Maybe PinkFong will come out with an Easter Shark version of the song just in time for April.

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