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This Baby Reveal Gone Wrong Is Both Hilarious And Cringe Worthy

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gender reveal cake

Baby “gender” reveal cakes are apparently all the rage nowadays. Some parents throw massive soirees for anyone who will spring for a gift their closest friends and family members, whereas others, like the family from this YouTube sensation, like keep things a little more casual. In the viral video below, we see a couple gather their brood around to learn the gender sex of their soon-to-be youngest sibling. And their six-year-old son Gunner, does NOT like the outcome.

The way Gunner sees it, with two younger girl-child siblings already in place as the bane of his existence, his baby-sister-quota is filled. So with complete optimism, Gunner is given the honor of cutting the cake. The moment he makes that first cut, his disappointment is palpable. You can literally see the moment his heart shatters into a billion pieces:



Gunner expresses his frustration the way many a six-year-old is wont to do – by throwing a massive (and yet adorable) tantrum:

“It’s a girl!’ It’s another girl! I hate girls! Every time it’s girl, girl, girl, girl!!”

The best part, in my opinion, is the look of utter amusement on his younger sister’s faces. You just know that inside they’re both saying “Suck it, Gunner.” As the three-minute-long video goes on, you can see Gunner getting more and more worked up, slamming his tiny little fists futilely onto the kitchen table, raging into the night:

“I knew it was a girl! I’m not gonna eat the cake. I don’t want a girl! I hate girls!’ want to leave this house and never come back! I want to be by myself!”

The video has been viewed over 800,000 times as I write this, and the comments are equally hilarious:

gender reveal tantrum 1


gender reveal tantrum 2


gender reveal tantrum 3


Other commenters have pointed out that it’s a little mean to post such an embarrassing video of your kid on YouTube for the entire world to see. And they probably have a point.  But I like to think that little Gunner here will have a sense of humor about the situation (and hopefully his new little sister will too).

(Photo: Amanda Robinson)