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Why I Will Indulge Your Ridiculous Baby Registry

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165556418We all know those women who are obsessed with designer goods, who have the IT bag, only buy their makeup from Sephora and wear actual UGGs, not the 20 dollar Old Navy knock offs (which are so comfy BTW). For me, that person is my friend V, and now, she’s pregnant. I’m a lawyer turned stay at home mom who considers scoring samples from  to be “shopping for myself” and she’s a hair stylist who’s on a first name basis with workers at the MAC counter. But we’ve been friends since high school, and some bonds can’t be broken.

Before V. even got pregnant, she selected a Mark Jacobs diaper bag that she declared would be the ONLY bag she wanted. She even asked me, in all seriousness, if I could find a way to incorporate the fact that she has a diaper bag picked out into her baby shower invitations, because she didn’t want anyone to buy her a different one.  Now that she’s actually pregnant, she’s started an Etsy wish list (technically Etsy doesn’t do baby registries, ) and a Pinterest board dedicated to her Etsy finds, where she directs people to look when they ask her where she’s registered.  Why not just a good old Babies R Us registry? Because, as she put it, “her daughter deserves items as unique as she is.” Now before you all race to find the best GIF to express your disgust (though that sounds totally awesome and we should play that game for fun anyway) hear me out as to why I’m indulging V. in her selection of custom made baby clothes, handmade Boppy covers and organic baby bath products that cost more than my cell phone bill.

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