10 Baby Registry Items That Every Mom Could Use

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Making a baby registry is a total pain in the ass. There are so many varying opinions about what you really need and don’t need – it’s just confusing. Also, babies are different. One baby loves a swing, the next baby hates it. It’s really hard to tell what you are going to need – especially when you are a first time mom.

We thought long and hard about a few thing all moms could use. At least you’ll have some basics to build your list around.

1. Onesie 3-Packs, $9.99


I firmly stand behind my “don’t register for baby clothes” rule, except when it comes to these onesies. You go through so many of these with a new baby, it’s great to have a bunch of cheap, comfortable ones. The Gerber or Carter’s three packs are great and affordable.

2. Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4-Pack, $49.95


Some parents swaddle, some don’t – but these wraps are great either way. The fabric is light and they’re easy to bunch up and throw in your purse. Good for pediatric appointments (it’s always freezing in the doc’s office) and also as a sunshade over your stroller.

3. Bouncer Seat/ Swing/ Somewhere To Put The Baby, $25


There will come a time when it will occur to you that you need somewhere to put the baby down. It’s impossible to hold a baby 24-hours a day, and you probably won’t always want to resort to a crib. A bouncer, a swing – somewhere you can strap your baby in and rest assured they are comfortable is a necessity.

4. Fitted Crib Sheets, $12.99

fitted sheet

Forego the fancy bedding sets. All you really need is a bunch of fitted crib sheets. Your child will probably be wetting through a diaper on some occasions – best to have a stash available so you don’t have to worry about laundry all the time.

5. Insulated Bottle Bag, $14.99


Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, you will almost certainly have situations where you are transporting milk. These insulated bags are great.

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