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My Baby Registry Support Guide For The Babies’R’Us Salesperson

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Dear Babies”R”Us Team Member:

Thank you for taking part in our registration journey. As you well know, this is a big day for my husband and me, and of course, my baby to be. To make the experience as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible, these are our requests. Since babies “R” your business, we know you’ll be glad to oblige.

Baby Registry Mission

To us, an online click-and-add-to-cart registry didn’t sit well. Scanning in-store lets us be part of the process. The type and quality of products we choose could determine the course of our son’s life.

We will not tolerate BPA. We assume that all products on the shelves are not currently under recall and that product inventory is regularly updated in this respect. Strangulation hazards are a no-go, as are death trap drop-side cribs that are supposed to be off the market—and out of your store. Please don’t lead us astray.


We know that it isn’t feasible for you to close down the store and let us register after hours. We aren’t Kim and Kanye, so that just makes sense. But we do trust that your support staff will escort other customers away from our area of interest so that we can stick to the task at hand—registering.

We will also need ample cellular support within the cavernous store that is Babies”R”Us so that we can check and cross-check our registry choices with friends on Facebook and celebrity moms on Twitter. We use AT&T, so please confirm towers in the store proximity. If not, the use of an in-store laptop or tablet can substitute.

Suggestions from staff members are welcome but may not be taken into consideration.


We are not well-off by any means, but that doesn’t mean our son can’t have nice things. We have taken a Facebook poll in a private group for friends and family and have concluded that all gifts on the registry must be greater than $100 and less than $200 (median poll bracket).

“Disposable” gift items, i.e. diapers and wipes, will not be included on the registry. Family and friends will bring these add-ons to the baby shower separately, if desired. Technically, diapers are not a gift.

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