27 Baby-Proofing Items Every House Needs ASAP

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Door Knob Cover

Image: Instagram / @joolbaby

Depending on the layout of your house, there may be times when it’s simply easier to close a door than it is to gate off a room. And if your little one has access to the front door, then you definitely need a way to make it safe! Enter the door lock cover. There are several methods of rendering a doorknob unopenable to a small child, the most common being a device that goes over the doorknob and, when grabbed by a small hand that doesn’t know the “trick,” will just spin and spin rather than actually causing the whole knob to turn. Some have ridges in significant places, others have holes that allow adult fingers to hold onto the actual knob, and some are flexible and require the strength of an adult hand to squeeze the actual knob through the cover. Whichever kind you choose, these are fantastic for keeping kids out of bathrooms, certain bedrooms, and any room where you don’t want the baby venturing unaccompanied.

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