27 Baby-Proofing Items Every House Needs ASAP

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Baby Gates

Image: Instagram / @babysafehomesdenver

Tried and true, the humble baby gate has long been a staple in the homes of crawlers and toddlers, and often even preschoolers. There are dozens of different varieties out there, with all sorts of variations to suit different needs. Many standard gates are held in place using tension, which is great for renters or anyone otherwise not interested in screwing something into the wall. Some gates have doors in place to make it easier for “big people” to get through them, while others are tall enough to keep Baby out of mischief but also low enough for the average person to be able to step over. There are also specially-designed gates for the tops and bottoms of staircases, and gates that are segmented to fit unusually-sized openings. Find the gates that suit your needs and get ‘em up!

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