Your Baby Doesn’t Smell Enough Like… Baby, So Dolce & Gabbana Made Baby Perfume To Help Out

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baby smellEvery parent agrees. There’s something amazing about the smell of a new baby. They’re all fresh and soft. If adorableness had a scent, that’s what babies smell like. You know that this scent is strong, because it somehow overpowers the scent of spit-up and feces, which is a pretty serious accomplishment. But apparently the fashion moguls at Dolce & Gabbana feel like your baby’s natural scent just isn’t enough. They’ve created a D&G Baby Perfume!

According to the company’s press release:

“This perfume is also inspired by the smell of a baby and is ‘designed to cuddle and pamper every little boy and girl’, which means it’s fine for delicate skin, is unisex, but ultimately, mimics the smell of a baby’s skin.”

Because your baby’s skin needs to smell more like baby skin. There’s just not enough natural baby skin to go around.

Nothing about this product makes any sense. And this is coming from a woman who is modestly accepting of children’s make-up. I realize that plenty of children just want to mimic their parents’ actions. My daughter wanting to put on lip gloss has less to do with actually making her lips a different color and more to do with wanting to be like her mother. That being said, my little girl has never asked to put on perfume. And babies? Well, they’re even less likely to be interested in smelling like an adult.

No, baby perfume is not for little ones to enjoy. It’s for parents who want to spend as much money as possible pampering their little bundles of joy. It’s for parents who like buying luxury brand everything for their child. It gives them one more piece high-end something or other to add to their collection.

We all love new baby smell. While I haven’t smelled Dolce & Gabbana’s attempt to recreate the magic, I have this feeling that they didn’t succeed. They can’t succeed. New baby smell isn’t just about an actual scent. It’s a magical aura of love that babies invoke. You can’t bottle that stuff.

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