Look At This Profoundly Homophobic Baby Onesie I Found

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From the department of absurd baby onesies that parents insist on inflicting on their newborns, I bring you this homophobic onesie from Cafe Press. For $16.50, you too can engage in a dialogue that not only frames queer children as a parental “fault,” but also connects homosexuality to pink and fluffy bunnies. If pink isn’t your color preference, you have a whopping 12 other styles to choose from, from long-shirted onesies to simple tees. No reason older kids should miss out on the degradation of LGBTQ individuals just because they like baseball tees instead. (To Cafe Press’s credit, they also have an array of “Gay Pride Baby Clothing” which includes a very perplexing “Vaginatarian” onesie)

While it’s hardly shocking that parents slap all kinds of problematic crap on their freshly born, this particular garment is alarming given that the safety and well-being of queer children is of pressing concern in this country. Parents contributing to this type of stigma with winks and elbow nudges about pink and woodland creatures is particularly irksome. As long as liking rabbits and pastel colors is fodder for poking fun at “seemingly gay” kiddies, all children who stray from the rigid blue and pink code are targets for prejudice.