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20 Baby Names That Mean ‘Miracle’

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Mireya is a pretty and unusual Spanish girl’s name, meaning ‘miracle.’ Mireya has 3 syllables.  The baby girl name Mireya is pronounced Miy-REY-aa- and has its origins in the Latin and Provençal languages. It is used largely in Spanish and English.

The nickname Mira is commonly used for Mireya. The height of its usage was in 1997, 0.030% of baby girls were named Mireya. It ranked #447 then. Mireya has substantially dropped in popularity since then, and is of only sporadic use today. In 2016, within the family of girl names directly related to Mireya, Miranda was the most regularly used. Mireya Moscow, Panama’s first female president is the most notable namesake.

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