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16 Baby Names Set To Dominate In 2019

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As we enter the final month of 2018, it’s the perfect time to begin speculating on the various trends of next year. Specifically, what we’re all wondering is what is everyone going to name their new babies? Baby names are tracked in many ways. The Social Security Administration compiles rankings every year based on birth certificate data in the United States.

Parents might be interested in tracking the trends for any number of reasons. Some want to get ahead and claim a name before it’s cool. Others might want to avoid having their little one be one of many with the same name come kindergarten, although, in this age of unique names, there’s little chance of that happening! Which names can you expect to see a lot of in 2019? Read on for our picks!


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Surprisingly, this name has seen a downshift in recent years, despite its beautiful meaning — noble light — and a sweet ring that is popular with a subset of modern parents. But that’s sure to change with the release of the newest remake of A Star is Born. Lady Gaga, starring as main character Ally, really struck a chord with her fans, who fell in love with the character’s flawed humanism and rise-above-it-all underdog story. Expect Ally to see a big increase in popularity for 2019, especially with moms who love short, sweet names and are hoping to capitalize on this one’s current relative rareness.

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