16 Baby Names Set To Dominate In 2019

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As we enter the final month of 2018, it’s the perfect time to begin speculating on the various trends of next year. Specifically, what we’re all wondering is what is everyone going to name their new babies? Baby names are tracked in many ways. The Social Security Administration compiles rankings every year based on birth certificate data in the United States.

Parents might be interested in tracking the trends for any number of reasons. Some want to get ahead and claim a name before it’s cool. Others might want to avoid having their little one be one of many with the same name come kindergarten, although, in this age of unique names, there’s little chance of that happening! Which names can you expect to see a lot of in 2019? Read on for our picks!


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Surprisingly, this name has seen a downshift in recent years, despite its beautiful meaning ”” noble light ”” and a sweet ring that is popular with a subset of modern parents. But that’s sure to change with the release of the newest remake of A Star is Born. Lady Gaga, starring as main character Ally, really struck a chord with her fans, who fell in love with the character’s flawed humanism and rise-above-it-all underdog story. Expect Ally to see a big increase in popularity for 2019, especially with moms who love short, sweet names and are hoping to capitalize on this one’s current relative rareness.


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This name, which means ”handsome,” has been quietly gaining in popularity in recent years, perhaps aided by the occasional celebrity baby (Tori Spelling named her son Beau in 2017), or perhaps because of its seemingly-trendy British origins. While primarily a boy name, Beau is also seen occasionally for girls, although this trend is much more common overseas. Increasingly, however, Beau might show up as part of a hyphenated name for females, which could be a great option for parents expecting a baby girl who wants something truly unique; think Daisy-Beau or Cody-Beau. Whether as a stand-alone or part of a longer name, Beau is well situated to take off next year!


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Elijah has been in the top twenty for nearly a decade now, but as more and more new moms turn away from more classic names and toward unique names and new versions of old favorites, we can expect to see variations of this name gain ground. Elias, in particular, has already been steadily climbing the charts; according to the Social Security Administration, it jumped more than 10 points between 2016 and 2017, with a bigger jump expected by the end of 2018. Elias already is a popular first and middle name for a number of celebrities and athletes, and it’s seen in movies and books as well. Will this be the perfect name for your little boy?


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Does your parenting circle have an Evelyn yet? If not, it likely will next year! Following in the footsteps of variations like Evangeline, Eva, and Ava, this name, despite being thought of as old-fashioned by many, has been on the upswing, cracking the top 10 last year on the Social Security Administration’s list. Interestingly enough, Evelyn was once a boy’s name, although now it is used primarily for girls. If the trends are any indication, Evelyn will only be more popular this year; don’t be surprised if your online news feeds are filled with baby Evelyns in the coming year!


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Harps are one of the most elegant, graceful musical instruments, and if the popularity of the name Harper is any indication, it’s clear parents want to evoke that sense of loveliness in their own daughters! This one has been hovering around the top ten for a number of years now, perhaps aided by a slew of celebrities bequeathing the name upon their own offspring. Next year, 2019, will be a time of hope, a time to look ahead and create more beauty in the world, and many parents are building that hope into the next generation; expect to see much more of this name in the coming months.


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This lovely name, pronounced aye-la, literally means ”island.” And it’s seen a huge jump in popularity over the last couple of years; some sites put it well within the top ten for girls within the last few years, although the Social Security Administration still ranks it just shy of 100. There are all sorts of reasons this name could be gaining, whether because of starlets like Isla Fisher, because of its status as a little-known Harry Potter reference, because of popular young adult novels featuring main characters with the name, or simply because it’s short and sweet and pretty. Whatever the reason, 2019 is a great year to bring your own Isla into the family fold.


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If you thought you’d seen the end of the presidential name trend (think monikers such as Lincoln, Madison, and Harrison), think again. Jackson has been making waves in recent years, and it was one of the most popular names for 2018, according to internet authority BabyCenter. Literally meaning ”son of Jack,” parents who choose this name may be inspired by former president Andrew Jackson, artist Jackson Pollock, or even musician Michael Jackson. This strong, solid name will surely only become more popular in 2019, and we can expect to see lots of birth announcements in the coming months proudly proclaiming this name.


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Not so long ago, Layla was a relatively uncommon name, but you can expect to meet a number of brand new babies named Layla in 2019. This lovely name is rooted in Arabic and Egyptian origins and is usually thought to mean dark beauty or night, or sometimes wine. Perhaps a resurgence in 70s rock is behind the growing popularity of this name; Eric Clapton’s hit song of the same name is still a fan favorite. Or perhaps our cultural love of drinking wine is leading parents to name their little one after their favorite beverage, albeit in a roundabout fashion. Or perhaps parents just love the simple beauty of the name.


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This name has hovered near the top of the charts for decades, but it’s only during the last two years that it’s broken into the top ten. A classic Scottish name meaning ”small hollow,” Logan is generally thought of as a boy’s name, although it’s been rapidly gaining in popularity as a girl’s name over the past few years. Pop culture is full of famous Logans, from comic book hero Wolverine to various actors, football players, and television show characters, not to mention fan favorite 70s movie Logan’s Run. Will 2019 be the year that this name really takes over?


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This name has never really gone away, but it also hasn’t been a popular contender for baby boys within the last few generations. With the birth of Prince Louis of Cambridge, born in April of 2018, expect that to change! The eyes of the public are always on the British royal family, and the children of Prince William and Duchess Kate have garnered a lot of attention, inspiring a slew of copycat names. After the birth of their second, the already popular name Charlotte saw a jump in popularity; chances are good Louis will start to jump up the charts as well.


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For parents looking to other cultures for inspiration, Mateo just might be it. This name, a Spanish variation of Matthew, has seen huge jumps in popularity over the past few years as more and more parents embrace their cultural heritage. While Mateo is currently more popular overseas, it’s making headway in America, as evidenced by a number of celebrities bequeathing the name to their own children. Like it’s English-language equivalent, Mateo means ”gift of God,” which is sure to appeal to those strong in their faith. But even if it doesn’t sound good on a religious level, it’s got serious cool appeal.


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This slightly unusual spelling of an old favorite made a huge jump in popularity after actress Meghan Markle married Prince Harry of Britain. The royal family’s newest Duchess has been making waves in the months since with a number of unconventional choices, which only further endears her to fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Not surprisingly, expect to see a whole lot more baby girls named Meghan in the year 2019. Meghan means ”pearl,” and parents welcoming a treasured new daughter into their family are certain to feel this classic name is the perfect fit for their own priceless addition.


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Millie may be a shortened form of Mildred or perhaps Emily, but millennials have always felt it was okay to skip straight from the long form to the nickname! The name Millie has seen a solid increase over the past few years, in part fueled by the popularity of Netflix show Stranger Things, featuring actress Millie Bobby Brown. Depending on which origin you’re pulling it from, Millie could mean strength, striving, or defender, all solid qualities to impart upon a daughter. Whether chosen to pay homage to a great-grandmother or simply because it’s got a lovely ring, this name is sure to see a new light in 2019.


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This name, a French female variation of the classic Michael which means ”who is like God,” has been hanging out lower down on the popularity list for years now, and slowly trending downwards. While in recent years moms have been trending towards spelling variants of the name, next year might be the year this classic sees a big jump, especially after the release of the wildly popular memoir by Michelle Obama. With her emphasis on strong family connections, while maintaining a busy, successful career, many women identify with Michelle, and they may wish to honor her sense of character by giving this strong name to their own daughter.


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This name can easily fit either a girl or a boy, but its current popularity lies on the more feminine side, where it’s been in the top twenty for the past several years. As a growing subset of parents embrace waiting until birth to be surprised by baby’s sex, however, a unisex name like Riley has the opportunity to shine! A number of celebrities and athletes have given this name to their own little one in recent years, which may inspire some expectant parents. Others may just fall in love with the meaning: courageous or valiant, or sometimes the more nature-oriented clearing or meadow.


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Another name quietly creeping up the charts, Sebastian could see its time in the spotlight in 2019, after hovering in the top 25 for the past few years. Different baby sites rank Sebastian in different places, but all agree that it’s getting more popular. Some parents are looking for an old-fashioned name with its own style and charm. Others might be paying homage to the Christian martyr of the same name, or the character in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, or even the singing crab sidekick in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Whether you’re trying to get an up-and-coming name for your little one or are just interested in cute nicknames like Seb or Bas, this is a great pick.

Do you have a favorite on the list? Or any predictions of your own? Let us know!

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