The Ultimate List Of Baby Names Inspired By Disney Pixar

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Dash (The Incredibles)

Image: Disney Pixar

The name Dash may become a fast favorite for baby boys with The Incredibles 2 on the scene earlier this year — 14 years after the first movie. Dash’s character is appropriately named, his power being super speed, and is short for Dashiell, an Anglicized form of the last name de Chiel. Some think de Chiel might be derived from the French word “ciel” which means “sky”. If you’ve heard of the name Dashiell, it may be because you’re a fan of Dashiell Hammett’s detective novels. If it’s not your style, but you like the nickname Dash, you might also like these quirky baby names: Ash, Cash, Dex, or Jet.

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