The Ultimate List Of Baby Names Inspired By Disney Pixar

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Bailey (Finding Dory)


Image: Disney Pixar

The name Bailey has been popping up more and more on lists of popular baby names since the movie Finding Dory hit theatres in back in 2016. We enjoy the cheeky pun at play here — Bailey and baleen — even though her character is actually a Beluga whale, which is toothed. Either way, Bailey is a cute and playful name for a girl, though its origins come from the occupation of bailiff or law enforcer. A fun name with a powerful backstory is always a hit. Celebrities who have used this name for their kids include Stella McCartney and Scott Baio.

Choosing a baby name is one of the trickiest things you have to do as a parent. Sometimes you know what the perfect name will be right away — sometimes you think you’ve chosen the perfect name, but when you meet your little bundle it just doesn’t feel right!

Hopefully, this list will help you find a name that clicks, but if not, at least it will help you narrow down your list a tiny bit.

Have any of these baby names inspired by Disney Pixar made it onto your list? Do you know anyone who shares a name with one of our favorite characters?

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