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I Pity The Fool That Renames Their Newborn Baby

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Naming a baby can be really hard. Maybe there are some parents that don’t put much weight on it, but the way I saw it was—This kid is going to have his name for the rest of his life. NO PRESSURE.

I’m a fairly decisive person, so baby naming wasn’t as torturous as it could have been. I am also anal, so my husband and I toyed around with our top list (at my insistence) as soon as I got pregnant. By the time I hit the 20 week ultrasound, we had a first name and middle name all picked out for both kids. Naming was done, and we were confident. Time to decorate the nursery.

Couples that have a harder time deciding on a baby name may suffer from “baby name remorse.” Yes, this is a real thing. I saw it discussed several times on BabyCenter Birth Boards and other mom forums online.

These couples may have decided to name their baby when they met him or her, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is a typical practice I hear from many people who wait to name the baby until after it is born. But if you don’t like your last-minute choice… You’re kind of screwed.

One forum mom said:

My husband continued telling me he looked like a Liam and my father’s name is William, so I basically caved. I did NOT think it would get so popular. Now, it is predicted to be in the TOP 10 in the U.S. this year.

I confessed to my husband a few weeks later that I wanted to change it. He thought I was NUTS and explained that he felt it was almost like taking our son’s identity from him (esp. since he’ll always have 2 social security cards, etc.). He really felt Liam “fit” him, but told me I could do it if I wanted.

After discussing w/ my husband and family I felt guilty changing the name, so I didn’t. Fast forward 7.5 months later and I am still sick over it (but mention it to no one!). I really just don’t like the name as much (not sure if it’s the popularity of it or what?!). Everyone says his name suits him, but I sort of wish we had gone w/ Aacen, Levi or Vaughn.

I totally get where this lady is coming from, and I don’t envy her one bit. This sounds like an unnecessary headache to deal with after having a baby, especially if you are considering changing his Social Security information. I also agree with her husband that changing a baby’s name after it is born seems to mess with his identity, at least the identity that had been created in the eyes of the family.

Baby naming is hard. Narrow down your top names before your baby is born to avoid buyer’s remorse.

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