Alright Baby Name Enthusiasts, Here’s A Baby Panda In Need Of A Name

baby pandaI know I’m not the only one who looks at every trendy baby name list on the internet, even though I’m not pregnant and not in need of a baby name. Even if I do have another child, my husband and I already have the names picked out. I have no reason to keep looking. And yet, every “Names Inspired By Classic Literature” list earns a click from me.

Well, there’s finally a use for all my baby name searching and critiquing. A baby panda born in the San Diego Zoo is in need of name! Come on name enthusiasts! We actually have something adorably cuddly to give one of our magnificent, unique, classic, trendy, meaningful names to.

We have a little time to research. The cub was born on July 29th, but it won’t be given a name until November 13th. According to Chinese tradition, the panda won’t be named until it has been living for 100 days. That means we have ten days to come up with the perfect moniker for this little sweetheart.

Now, the zoo held a poll to decide the panda’s name. The public got to vote between Qi Ji (Miracle), Yu Di (Raindrop), Da Hai (Big Ocean or Big Sea), Xiao Liwu (Little Gift), Yong Er (Brave Son) or Shui Long (Water Dragon). However, if you come up with a name that no one can resist, you might just be able to trump the poll. Don’t give up hope! Head to Nameberry immediately.

So what do you think guys? A panda obviously needs a strong name, that still sounds comforting. We’re going to be looking for a Chinese name, given the little one’s heritage. His mother’s name is Ban Yun. He has an older brother named Yun Zi. I’m trying to give you an idea of the direction we’re heading in, but don’t let me stifle your creativity.

I think it’s a great idea to start letting internet moms name baby animals. I wish my zoo let us do things like this. After all, then I would have an excuse for spending hours searching through names of every ethnicity and meaning. I do this anyways, but now I would have a reason to give my husband when he peaks over my shoulder and sees me considering the merits of Twyla versus Tabitha.

So if you’re as baby name crazy as I am, you’re welcome for the project! Feel free to email the San Diego Zoo with your ideas. (I’m sure they’re going to appreciate all our help.) If you’re not as baby name crazy as I am, you’re probably a robot.

(Photo: silver-john/Shutterstock)

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