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16 Popular Baby Name Combinations For Twins

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Hailey and Hannah


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The name Hailey depending on how you spell it can mean many different things. If you spell it as  spelled as Haley or Hayley, an English surname, it is known as a combination of two words, hey (hay) and  leah which means a clearing or meadow.  Often, the spelling Haley is a name given to boys, and Hayley, to girls. If you spell the name as Hailey, you can use as a girl or boys name and the name takes on a newer meaning — ‘hero.’  How can you NOT like a (super)hero name?

In the Bible, Hannah is a Hebrew name that means ‘favor’ or ‘grace of God.’ Some parents choose to take off the ‘h’ at the end. Hanna is currently #33 on the U.S. Birth List of the Social Security Administration. The cute nicknames for this name are numerous: Hannah Banana, Hannah Montana, Hannah Munckin… to name a few.

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