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16 Popular Baby Name Combinations For Twins

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Sophia and Olivia/Oliver


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Naming experts say names ending with ‘ia’ are coined as cute… the name Sophia is no exception. It’s an ancient Greek name adored by parents of Spanish and Italian descent. In Greek mythology, Sophia is the goddess of spiritual wisdom. When you match Sophia and Olivia (which means “olive tree”), you have something so elegant and almost regal. This is no surprise since the name Olivia has skyrocketed on the parent favorite list since 2014. Celebrity Sophias: Sophia Vergara, Sophia Bush, and Sophia Loren. Famous Olivias: Olivia Wilde (actress), Olivia Culpo (model), and Olivia Newton-John (Grease actress and singer). 

And if you like the name Olivia, and want to get the perfect matching boy name, you can’t go wrong with Oliver. In fact, when it comes to boy-girl name combos, Olivia and Oliver is beloved among modern parents.

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