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16 Popular Baby Name Combinations For Twins

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London and Brooklyn


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Naming children after popular locales has always been a thing, and the name London is at the top of the parents’ most wanted list.  The unisex name means ‘the great river’, and its elegance and popularity make it a great pick for girls and boys. It also pairs well with many other twin names including London and Landon, London and Paris, or London and Brooklyn. Brooklyn (also spelled Brooklyne) is also a cool unisex name and it means “pretty brook’. It’s actually a modern take on the names Brook and Lyn.

From the Dutch town name Breukelen, in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Breukelen translates “broken land.” It was first anglicized to Brookland and then Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a borough in New York City, NY, U.S. It is also an Americanized combination of the names Brook and Lyn. Besides being one of the most vibrant, eclectic buroughs of New York City, Brooklyn is ever-changing with diverse people and events that keep the city surging with musicians, artists, business people, and families. And of course, the food especially the NY pizza there is not so bad either. Famous Brooklyns include: Brooklyn Decker and Brooklyn Lachey.

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