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16 Popular Baby Name Combinations For Twins

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Ella and Ethan


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Ella is of Old German origin and means ‘light’. In German, it is a derivative of the name “Alja” which means ‘all/entire’ or ‘other/foreign’. Ella is usually short for Ellen or Eleanor, and is considered a pet name for Alice. In A short form of Eleanor and Ellen meaning ‘light.’ In English, it means ‘beautiful fairy woman’. Great Ellas include Ella Fitzgerald and Ella T. Grasso.

In Hebrew, Ethan means “strong, firm, and long-lived. It’s  The name Ethan is of Hebrew origin.  Well-known Ethans include: Ethan Hawke, and Ethan Allen. The name is one of the most popular baby names  parents are choosing in 2019, and it’s rated at #7  according to the Social Security Administration.

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