8 Cheese Inspired Names You Can Give Your Child That Aren’t ‘Cheese’

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154768922I find this hard to believe, but the Internet says it’s true so it must be. There are people in existence who have named their offspring “Cheese.” No, not after a cheese just “Cheese.” As in Hi! Allow me to introduce my son. His name is Cheese Smith.

If you really love cheese so much, don’t be a simpleton without inspiration and name your kid “Cheese.” You can do better. I will help you. Here is a list of cheese-inspired names that are way better than “cheese.” Thanks

1. Edelpilz

Edelpilz is a German blue vein cheese made from cow’s milk similar to Danish Blue. It’s a semi-hard cheese with a soft rind, sometimes known as German Blue. It has a subtle spiciness, and tastes strong when consumed a big bite.

She’ll be a badass. Semi-hard with a soft rind a subtle spiciness? You can call her “Ede,” kind of like “Eve” – but not.

2. Brinza

This cheese has a long history. It is white, slightly grainy cheese made in blocks. It is mild, moist, and crumbly and has sweet, aromatic character.

Aww – Brinza’s a sweetheart who’ll always smell good. She’ll be good at retaining jokes and will always be a shoulder to cry on.

3. Cairnsmore

The rind develops a series of wonderful moulds as it matures. Aromatic and nutty, with the sweetness of caramel and burnt toffee

You can call her Cairn. Kind of like Karen, but less syllables. She’ll be really good at math.

4. Ridder

It got so popular that the cheese is imitated all over the world. Its buttery sweet, slightly nutty flavor is quite refreshing.

Ridder is the life of the party. He’s goofy and awesome and everyone wants to be around him all the time. Don’t confuse him with his cousin “Ryder” who eats pencils.

5. Durrus

Made with raw, unpasteurised milk, Durrus smells of hay and wet soil and tastes buttery, mild and slightly acidic.

Durrus has a sharp-tongue, but only uses it when absolutely necessary. His friends call him D. What do Cheese’s friends call him? They don’t because he doesn’t have any.

6. White Stilton with Mango & Ginger

White Stilton with Mango & Ginger is a blended cheese which incorporates mango and Australian Buderim ginger to impart a sweet, savoury intense flavour to the traditional Stilton cheese. Stilton on its own is extremely creamy and delicious but the addition of fruit accords the cheese a new dimension.

How is this cheese in existence and I haven’t tried it? This clearly isn’t a name suggestion. I just really want to try this cheese.

7. Niolo

Niolo, the soft, creamy white cheese with somewhat sticky in consistency, comes in square shape. It has nutty flavor and a natural white/grey rind. When ripened for three months, Niolo gets its strong smell for which it is famous and known!

Okay, maybe not cute to name your kid after stinky cheese – but how nice is this name? Seriously. You could call him Nio. Nio is obviously going to be a lady-killer. Or a man-killer – whatever he’s into.

8. Harlech

It is named after the famous Welsh Warriors of the Middle Ages.

The texture of Harlech is smooth and creamy with a peppery, fresh and zingy flavor of horseradish and parsley.

Named after glorious cheese and warriors? Can anyone say Renaissance man?

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