Mommy Listserv Delivers New Mom From Baby Mucus Hell

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baby mucusAll you parents who aren’t signed up to your local mommy listerv are majorly missing out — and not just for the popcorn-grabbing drama or laughable gems. While you’re certainly able to call up your local mom friends or relatives for whatever curious ailments baby presents (or Google, Facebook, tweet, or even visit us!), who knows what pearls of wisdom the local mommy network possesses. Ask the community, even anonymously, and you shall absolutely receive. As was the case for one mommy with a concerning amount of baby mucus on her hands.

A friend forwarded me the following listing from her local listserv:

Hi All,

Our son is sick and I’m hoping for some advice. He has thick mucus coating his throat and he keeps gagging. He’s thrown up 3 times over the past few days. He tries to clear his throat, then seems like he’s choking and then vomits.

The doctor said that there’s nothing I should do other than keep the humidifier on. I asked if I should use saline drops and she said she doesn’t think that’s a great idea.

Any thoughts/suggestions? He started coughing in his sleep during his nap today and then threw up (while still half asleep). I’m so nervous he’ll throw up while he’s sleeping and choke on his vomit that, unless I figure something out, I will likely be sitting in his room watching him all night.

Help, please!
Jill (mom to Jonah, 11 months)

Personally, I’d cry and camp out in the emergency room with an awkward assemblage of pillows for fear that baby would vomit and choke. And then probably cry some more. Not quality mommy listserv advice, I realize! But the all-knowing and wise listserv ladies (and possibly gentlemen) really saved Jill and sick baby Jonah judging by this followup posting:

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you to all of you who responded to my email. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your awesome advice!! 

I would love to respond to each and every one of you but I need to get back to my baby (who has finally fallen asleep!) He’s in his crib right now with an onion hanging nearby, the humidifier on full-blast with eucalyptus oil sprayed in the water, after sitting in the bathroom with steam for 20 minutes and getting saline drops. My husband thinks I’m officially crazy but…that’s nothing new. 🙂

Thank you all again!

Jill (mom to Jonah, 11 months, who is breathing better already!)

Basically, it seems like Jill is employing four remedies at once here. While I’ve heard of eucalyptus oil being place in the actual humidifier, as well as garlic being used to relieve congestion, Jill really committed with this onion mobile action. In addition to warding off any vampires that might be baby hungry, onions also reportedly break up congestion and fight off the flu. Trusty steam checks out for newborns, as does saline drops.

Can you ladies cure my on-again off-again insomnia next? I’ll hang an onion from my bed too!

(photo: Galina Barskaya / Shutterstock)