Baby Jeans Recall Reminds Me That I’ll Never Be Able To Relax

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13084cCan we go just a few weeks without some recalls that make me an even more paranoid parent than I already am? No? Okay.

This week it’s jeans. Yes, you heard me right – jeans. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall of 140,500 Falls Creek Kids jeans (sizes 12 months to 5T). The snap on the front of the jeans can come loose and detach from the fabric. Your child can then put it in his mouth – like he does every other foreign object he finds. Maybe that’s just my child. No injuries or incidents have been reported.

My question is, what does it take for a product to be considered for recall? A certain number of complaints? If a button came off a pair of my son’s jeans I don’t think I would even think of calling someone about that. Not that it isn’t a good idea – I just don’t think it would go through my mind. But stories like this one make me think that I should. Enough people obviously thought this article of clothing posed a risk to their child – and now it’s off the market.

It turns out that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has guidelines for reporting defective goods, and if companies don’t follow those guidelines they’re screwed. If they receive a certain amount of complaints, warranty returns, insurance claims or lawsuits – a report has to be filed. Then it is up to the CPSC to decide whether a recall is necessary.

This makes the whole product recall issue make a lot more sense. I know sometimes hearing that there have been no injuries reported makes us think, Big deal? Why recall? But we have no idea how many reports were filed and how many mothers had to pry a button out of a child’s mouth. I think I have an unnatural fear of my child choking on things, so that would probably be enough for me.

From BabyCenter News:

“Falls Creek Kids” is printed on the waistband tag of the jeans. The following styles are included in the recall: plain denim (pictured), plain denim with cargo style pockets, stitched with pink hearts on the rear pockets, and stitched with pink stars on the front and pink hearts on the rear pockets. Look for a label on the inside of the recalled jeans with the date of production, 4/2012, and the production location, Zhangjiagang, China. Falls Creek Kids infant jeans with production code 4/2012 in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, or 6-9 months are not included in the recall.

The jeans were sold at Meijer and HEB retail locations from June 2012 to November 2012 for about $12.


What you can do:

Immediately stop using the jeans and bring them to customer service desk at any Meijer or HEB for a full refund.

For additional information, call Mejier at (800) 927-8699

See additional images of the recalled jeans on the CPSC’s website.

(photo: CPSC)