10 Baby Items You Should Never Buy

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If you are pregnant with your first child you are probably awash in a sea of advice about what you really need. Let’s forget about what you really need for a minute, and focus on what you don’t need.

When it comes to baby products, everything exists as you will soon find. So much of this stuff is just stuff you already have, that’s been marketed to new moms and thus more expensive. Some of this stuff is just a waste of money and some of it your baby will either not need, or grow out of too fast. If you are considering any of the following items, think long and hard about whether you actually need them.

1. Mini Crib


Unless you are totally okay with buying another sleeping solution in less than a year, the mini-crib is a total waste.

2. Pacifier Wipes


You have one of these already. It’s called your mouth. That idea may disgust you, but you will do it – and your baby’s health will be better for it.

3. Wipe Warmer


I promise you, you will never care if a cool wipe touches your baby’s butt.

4. Baby Food Maker


Do you have a food processor? Yes? Than you already have a baby food maker. No? Buy one and skip the overpriced, underperforming baby-food maker.

5. Baby Food Freezer Trays


You already own these. They’re called ice trays.

6. Bumbo 


Your child will fit into this thing for approximately two weeks. Also, there is nothing entertaining about it – so your baby just sits there looking at you like you’re an asshole.

7. Diaper Bag


It’s an ugly purse with more compartments than you will ever need that forces you to carry around a bunch of crap you never use. The only thing these are useful for are day trips, if you think you’ll be away from your house for hours on end. Just stick a bottle and some extra diapers in your purse.

8. Newborn-Sized Shoes


Newborn babies don’t wear shoes, just FYI. Newborn anything is pretty useless. Unless you have a preemie your baby will grow out of that stuff in minutes. My baby didn’t fit into the newborn outfit I bought to bring her home from the hospital in.

9. Crib Bedding Sets


You need a bunch of fitted crib sheets. Babies don’t use blankets, crib bumpers are a big no-no, and if you must have a dust ruffle just buy it separately. Also – remember everything will be covered in pee and constantly need to be washed.

10. Bottle Sterilizer


You already have one of these. It’s called a pot on the stove that is capable of boiling water.

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