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16 Beautiful Baby Girl Names From Around The World

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Aside from life itself, of course, your baby’s name is the most important gift you will give her. Many mothers begin crafting this name as soon as the two lines turn pink (after the initial shock!). Some mothers have even been brainstorming names for years before they even think of becoming a parent. There are even a select few who have had their child’s name selected since they were a child themselves! No matter which way you go about it- it is clear that it is an important choice that lasts a lifetime.

Here at Mommyish, we have taken the guesswork out of this important choice. We scoured the internet to bring you the most beautiful baby girl names. These names are a mixture of trendy, unique, and also timeless. No matter what your taste in names you are bound to find something you love. Whether you are ready to choose your baby’s name or you are getting ready to think of the future, continue reading to find that perfect name for your list!


baby girl names

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Lily is a classic, timeless even. It is the most popular of the century-old flower names. If you are looking for a name that can stand the test of time and yet still be simple, feminine and beautiful… this could be the name for you! Lily is derived from the perennial flower whose name has a simple meaning of pure or innocent. Lily can also be used as a nickname for Lillian. The name has both English and Greek origins. Despite dropping two points since 2017, the name is still highly popular, ranking at #22 in 2018. Well-known Lily’s include Lily Potter (Harry Potter’s mother) and actress Lily Tomlin.

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