Mommyish Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts For That Baby Who Doesn’t Even Know It’s The Holidays

Pulling baby gifts come the holidays usually comes down to two categories: a gift actually for the parents or something lame that will be tossed around the crib for a few months only to be bagged up and sent to the Goodwill a year later. Don’t settle on mere teething rings this time around. You can do better!

While throwing together presents for the 18 months and younger set who don’t even know it’s the holidays can seem deceptively simple (onesie, check, booties, check, stuffed animal of some sort, check), you still want to at least aspire to aim higher. Not necessarily hundreds of dollars high, but quality high. You’re making memories here, after all. What you’re mindlessly tossing into your cart could very well be stored away for generations, be worn in memorable photographs, or even be baby’s most beloved treasure down the line — no pressure or anything.

For this gift guide, we have a couple of treats for mommy or daddy, but also some cut above the rest onesies and luxury items. If all else fails, just pick up a roll of $1.99 holiday wrapping paper and present with funny faces. Maybe next year they’ll be old enough for gift cards?

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