Baby Found Alive In Morgue Is A Miracle — Or Massively Irresponsible Hospital Mistake

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baby found alive in morgueThe little baby girl who was pronounced dead in Argentina astounded her parents, doctors, and the world frankly when she began to cry in her tiny wooden coffin. The miracle baby also has a name, Luz Milagros Veron. But the cause for celebration has also resulted in a big suspension of certain hospital personnel following her unique and puzzling birth.

The Washington Post reports that every single doctor, nurse, and morgue worker who saw or tended to the baby has been suspended following an investigation into what exactly went wrong — if anything. While some are understandably perplexed as to how a newborn — a premature newborn even — could have survived upwards of 10 hours in a freezing morgue, the question lingers if someone on staff did not properly assess the child. While the story is definitely a tear-inducing one of a mother’s intuition following the loss of a child, the possibility remains that some doctor or nurse made a very profound error in their job — one that may have gone completely unnoticed had Luz’s mother not wanted to see her baby one last time.

“Health officials,” according CNN, have never encountered an instance like this before:

“I don’t have an explanation for what happened, but if there is culpability we’ll see what we’ll do,” Rafael Sabatinelli, deputy secretary of health in the Chaco region, told CNN.

Baby Luz’s father apparently is using the term “resurrection” to describe what happened to his little girl. But if there is evidence of wrong doing, he may very well consider choosing”severe oversight.”

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