Baby Formula Recall: Gerber Warns Of Foul Odor, Parents Have Yet Another Reason To Worry

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baby formula recallI’m pretty sure that even the most laid-back parents get a bit nervous when they discover a recall on their baby formula. The latest company to pull its products from store shelves is popular brand Gerber, which has recalled some of its Gerber Good Start Gentle Powdered Infant Formula after complaints of an odd smell. The recall affects formula in 23.2-ounce plastic packaging with an expiration date of March 5, 2013 (batch number is GXP1684).

Fortunately, the affected formula poses no health or safety risk, according to Gerber, though there were several complaints of spit-up and minor gastrointestinal upsets.

In December, Enfamil pulled a batch of its baby formula after a 10-day-old Missouri boy died from an apparent bacterial infection after consuming the product. Samples of the formula were sent to the FDA and CDC for testing and, fortunately, they ultimately found it to be free from the deadly bacteria blamed for the infant’s death.

Thankfully, Gerber’s recall doesn’t involve anything nearly as severe, though I have to say it’s alarming to hear of so many recalls lately – not just on baby formula, which freaks me out the most, but on baby products in general. Over the past few months alone we’ve written about everything from this Enfamil scare above to a couple that’s suing Johnson & Johnson – the world’s largest healthcare company – alleging their 2-year-old son was killed after taking a defective dose of Children’s Tylenol from a recalled batch. And in November, Johnson & Johnson came under fire for manufacturing baby shampoo made with carcinogens. (Following a slew of recalls, Johnson & Johnson CEO Bill Weldon resigned after 40 years with the company.)

Of course, there’s no need for parents to freak out over the recalls, but it’s certainly disheartening. As parents, we want what’s best for our children, and so it makes you feel kind of vulnerable to be reminded that nothing is fool-proof – not even those trusted brands we love so much.