The Top 12 Parenting Firsts That No One Tells You About

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kid just cursedParenthood is a wonderful thing. There are thousands of precious moments that you will treasure over the years; from your baby’s first smile to first words to first toddle all up until the day they graduate high school, and beyond. What you aren’t told are the other array of “firsts” that you can look forward to.

Privacy issues, tantrums, bodily fluids, injuries, other people’s kids, biting and more also count as “parenting firsts.” If you manage to get through it all with an (oh so genuine) smile plastered to your face without losing it then you’ve really achieved something. Over the years my kids have spit up on my sweaters, poked me in the eye and broken my electronics, but they haven’t broken my spirit.

But here’s what no one talks about when telling new parents about the joys of parenthood.


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