This Adorable Baby Just Had Her First Bath Ever, And She Is Not Pleased


(Photo via Imgur)

Aw man, babies have the most wonderfully expressive little faces. This darling little wonder just had her first bath ever, and her face says it all: She did not approve.

The photo was posted by the baby’s father to the appropriately named “aww” forum on Reddit, where it proved so popular it made it all the way to the front page.

“My daughter’s first bath didn’t go so well,” user B3RTO posted. The little girl is all clean and snuggly now, but her face speaks of the ultimate betrayal. That little chin is all crinkled up. You probably want to grab and snuggle her yourself right now. I sure do.

Cute baby photos are my Kryptonite. If not for Kim Kardashian’s constant onslaught of photos of the excruciatingly adorable North West, I would probably be child-free and drunk in Paris right now. But that baby was so cute I decided I wanted one of my own, and now I’m blogging from a coffee shop in Germany and haven’t washed my hair in 9 days. (Spouse is out of town and I had a choice between showering or sleeping. I’m not normally quite this gross.) So I think what I’m saying is I’m wavering in my commitment to having only one kid, and if I have a second it will be this baby’s fault.

As one commenter points out, this could literally be the worst thing that’s ever happened to her. When your entire life consists of being nursed and cuddled, one’s first trip in the bath really might be a record low point.

But it’ll be OK for that bath-hating newborn, though. My baby hated baths, too. We tried everything. I have a tiny bathtub, a little thermometer to measure the temperature of the bath water so that it is “ideal for babies.” Special organic super-gentle baby soap. Cute hooded towels with animal faces on them that had been specially washed in super gentle organic baby detergent. (We’re talking about the ultra-newborn phase here. My poor paranoid husband washed his hands so often his knuckles were cracked and bleeding.) Then at about nine months into the whole bath-hating fiasco, my mother mentioned one very obvious thing I had not considered: Bath toys. We bought a couple rubber ducks and floating penguins in captain hats, and now she loves bath time more than anything in the world.

If only all parenting dilemmas could be solved so easily.


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