Another Baby Product Recall To Make You Scratch Your Head In Confusion

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product 023I understand that dangerous products need to be pulled off the market – I’m a mother, too. But some of these baby product recalls really confuse the hell out of me. Case in point – the recent recall of the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission page says, “the “sun” toy attachment on the activity jumper can rebound with force and injure the infant, posing an impact hazard.” See photo at left. How much “force” can this little plastic sun likely produce? I want more information. What kinds of injuries did this little demonic sun cause? Are we talking bleeding, here? A bump on the face? Redness? What?

I had one of these jumpers for my son. Not this specific one, mine was Fisher Price or something. He loved it. When he was too small for it, we put a pillow under it and it was so cute to watch his little toes reach for it. These things are invaluable for giving babies a place to entertain themselves. Eventually we saw him almost tip over in it and realized he outgrew it. It was a sad day.

Yes, it would probably be better all around to design a little sun attachment with a more limited range of motion so there is no danger of touching the jumping infant. For 61 parents to report it, it had to be a pretty bad injury, right? Or are we all just raising our children in little insulated bubbles, not letting anything potentially harmful around them? I used to bounce on one of those old rocking horses before they figured out they should be covering the springs with something. Every two minutes it was, “ouch!” when the springs pinched the fat on my inner thigh. Is anyone old enough to remember that experience? I’m alive and well.

Safety is important. I just think these recalls seem a little ridiculous sometimes. Better safe than sorry I guess.

(photo: CPSC)