Texas Baby Born With Organs Outside His Body Recovering From Surgery

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tex baby organs outside bodyA little baby boy named Hayes Davis is recovering in a Texas hospital after having a surgery for rare condition known as omphalocele — when a fetus’s organs develop outside the body.

His 29-year-old mother, Kelly Davis, said that she became aware of her son’s condition during a routine ultrasound around the end of her first trimester. Doctors told Hayes’ mother and father that omphalocele is diagnosed in about one out of every 10,000 babies born each year.

After the little guy was delivered via c-section, Hayes’ parents were instructed on how to care and handle their son. Surgery was not an immediate option for the newborn as doctors needed the boy to grow and develop more tissue over his organs before they could proceed. Because Hayes is so young, doctors only wanted to do one surgery to minimize risks for complications.

Dr. Kuojen Tsao, a professor of pediatric surgery told ABC, that repeatedly operating on the baby could result in damages to the the bowel and liver. Not to mention blood loss and the inherent risk of repeatedly putting a baby under anesthesia. NY Daily News reports that Kelly penned a blog about her son’s condition entitled “O Baby,” which she maintained for nine months.

Hayes’ surgery went off without a hitch according to doctors, but the following Sunday, his lung collapsed. The baby boy was in stable condition by Tuesday and breathing just fine.

Kelly recounts doctors being helpful and informative with her, providing options and including her concerns on every step of their decision-making process. Such factors no doubt contributed to her baby having a successful procedure, and for her maintaining such optimism regarding his recovery.