These Are All The Cutest Baby Bibs You Can Get On Etsy

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Bib in space

Image: Etsy/Crafted4Baby

This sweet space themed bib is hand painted (which probably accounts for the slightly heftier price in comparison to the other bibs listed here). We love the multi pattern design and that this could work for any baby. Crafted4Baby also sells a matching pair of shoes that have a rocket ship on them. The soft soled shoes will put you back around $23.00, but the entire set is beautiful and truly one of a kind. The fabrics used are  completely organic cottons. This would make a timely gift since 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Budweiser is also marking the anniversary with a throwback beer, but that’s not as nursery appropriate.

Get it from Crafted4Baby for $14.62.

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