These Are All The Cutest Baby Bibs You Can Get On Etsy

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Play on words bib

Image: Etsy/NippazWithAttitude

This bib is a play on the Foo Fighters band logo. Nippaz describes the bib like this, “My Foo Fighters tribute pun bib, Food Fighter! It’ll help keep baby’s clothes mess-free at meal times. A funny gift for newborn baby boys or girls, it also makes a cool baby shower gift for any mini Dave Grohl. New mums and dads deserve some fun baby clothing.” Interesting Foo Fighter’s fact- the first Foo Fighter’s album was just Dave Grohl playing every instrument. He didn’t want the album to be branded as a solo venture, so he made up the band name “Foo Fighters.” Now, he’s partnered with other musicians and doing considerably less work.

Get it from NippazWithAttitide for $16.55.

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