These Are All The Cutest Baby Bibs You Can Get On Etsy

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It’s Bee-you-tiful

Image: Etsy/BeansproutBabyUK

Also from BeansproutBabyUK, this bandanna style bib has an adorable honeycomb design. The shop says the bib is made from, “an ultra absorbent white fleece backing wicks away teething dribble and protects baby’s sensitive skin. Snap fastenings make the bib adjustable to provide a good fit from baby to toddlerhood.” What’s ironic is that the majority of food crops which require pollination (coffee, apples, chocolate) are visited by bees, making those smears from your kiddo a full circle moment. Yet, the smears shouldn’t be actual honey. Why? Doctors recommend waiting until a child is over the age of one year to try honey. The natural bacteria in honey can cause botulism in the very young.

Get it from BeansproutBabyUK for $5.30.

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