These Are All The Cutest Baby Bibs You Can Get On Etsy

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Lace fixes everything

Image: Etsy/Memzwear

Memzwear is a British store that sells bibs, cake smash outfits, and some of the cutest baby bloomers you’ll ever see. The prices are a bit higher than  in the US based stores, but we learned that this is fairly common. says that, “The UK cost of living is relatively high, but this also reflects the relatively high wages in the UK.” Memzwear describes her journey to her Etsy store like this, “I was self taught until I was about 20 years old ,then I decided to go back to collage and study fashion and textiles. At that time I was also working part time and also sold some of my handmade creations at the local artisan market in Preston. I truly enjoyed my time at college because that is where I discovered a whole world of art I never knew existed.”

Get it from Memzwear for $23.34.

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