These Are All The Cutest Baby Bibs You Can Get On Etsy

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So delicious

Image: Etsy/stitchininstilettos

Reviewers are raving for stitchininstilettos saying things like, “Absolutely adorable, look forward to gifting! And, beautifully packaged in a colorful box with colorful wrapping on the inside and a ribbon adorning the outside that makes it immediately gift-able without my having to do any wrapping. So many thanks!” The bib is cute, and we dig the humor in a lot of the clothes the seller makes, too. One says, “Pretty eyes, thick thighs,” which is ironic because babies have those sweet leg rolls. Another says, “that milk though.” We love a business that makes us laugh, and stitchin checks the box.

Get it from stitchininstilettos for $10.80.

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