Baby Born In The Back Of An Uber Gets A Special Onesie And A Crazy Birth Story To Tell

uber-baby-onesieSo many babies have been born in the back of an Uber since the company started that Uber has an official company policy for how to handle car births, and even designed a special onesie just for babies born in its cars.

According to Business Insider, if a baby is born in the back seat of an Uber car, the driver is given free tickets to some kind of sporting event, and Uber pays to have the car professionally cleaned. The babies get the real prize, though, because a baby born in the back seat of an Uber gets a specially designed and extremely exclusive onesie that says “Uber Rider Onesie” with the company’s U logo on it.

In some cases the company even sends the onesies to parents who take an Uber to the hospital while in labor, but for the most part the onesies are intended for babies born in Ubers.

It sounds kind of crazy for there to be a plan in place for this, let alone special baby onesies, but it’s actually been happening all the time. Just yesterday a baby was born in the back of an Uber in the Lincoln Tunnel.

According to ABC News, the mother had called an Uber to take her to the Lenox Hill Hospital when she realized she was in labor. But in the back of the car, her water broke and the baby started coming very, very quickly.

”We’re in the middle of the Lincoln and all I hear is water dripping. Her water broke and I’m thinking, ”˜Wow, I’m going to have to help deliver this baby,’” said Uber driver Erick Rodriguez.

Rodriguez pulled the car over in the Lincoln Tunnel around 5:30 p.m. and managed to flag down a police car to help deliver the baby.

The baby was reportedly safe and healthy and the whole family was dropped off at the hospital they had been meaning to go to in the first place. Uber said in a statement that the family would get the Uber baby onesie and a free Uber ride back from the hospital, while Rodriguez will get his car cleaned by the company and tickets to a Yankees game as a thank-you gift. He also got a five-star rating from the family.

”I was nervous, like it was my kid,” he said. ”I heard they were happy with the way I treated them. I’m happy they felt comfortable the whole way.”

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