Babies Banned From Flying First-Class

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If you’re planning on flying Malaysia Airlines first class, best to leave your baby at home (or, you know, just throw her in economy class with the masses). The airline is the world’s first to implement a policy banning infants from traveling in first-class cabins on its 747-400 aircraft and its new flagship Airbus A380. The reason? Complaints from customers who aren’t getting enough sleep with a screaming baby nearby.

Look, I hate other people’s screaming babies as much as the next guy. In fact, when my husband and I travel sans kids, we’ll often point out all the cute babies around us and then proceed to (silently) freak out if one of them is seated anywhere near us. But should they be banned from the airplane, even a small portion of it? Of course not! It’s preposterous, actually. What’s next? Banning fat people? Those with active bladders? Or how about snorers? (Oh, wait, I think that maybe snorers should be kicked off. There’s nothing grosser.)

It’s worth checking out the Twitter account of Malaysian Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil. Here you’ll get up-to-the-minutes tweets from pissed off customers – and the odd supporter – along with Azmil’s responses (this is pure entertainment, folks!). Some highlights:

@hvbabywilltrvl We already hand out noise canx headphones in 1st class. They don’t work so well for babies crying

RT @vieve0810: If I could afford first class, I wouldn’t want a crying baby there. Cheers to @tengkuazmil. #malaysiaair

It’s only 1st class tho. RT @minamnanofuture: if we don’t accept babies everywhere we exclude parents too and we …

This is part of d deal if you’re CEO! RT @FHavg: @wahazaextra bro, kesian dengan @tengkuazmil lah. he sounds so exasperated by this.

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