Tween Boy Sends 8 Students To The Hospital With Axe Body Spray And I Can’t Stop Laughing

axe body spray

Ah, tween-age boys. They are right at the cusp of teen-boyhood and are thus at their most endearingly awkward. Or at least it’s endearing until someone gets hospitalized. Which is exactly what happened when an Axe body spray-happy boy decided to let loose with the stuff in a 6th grade classroom in Brooklyn yesterday. And I am going to go to hell for laughing about this.

According to the NYC Department of Education:

”EMS transported eight students to the hospital, and parents of two students took them to their own doctors.”

That is a literal 8 (yes 8) students who were sent to the hospital and another two were taken to their private physicians all because someone released a buttload of Axe into a classroom at Medgar Evers College Prep. Man, I knew that stuff was god awful, but apparently it’s bad enough to be used as a chemical weapon now. And this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened. Last year a student in Connecticut set off a damn fire alarm with this swill. When will it end? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

EvenTime thought this was funny. The tag for their take on the story was “It’s not funny, guys. People were hospitalized.”

The good news is, no one was seriously injured (which is why I can laugh at it, so calm down you guys!), though the school administration is currently planning some sort of disciplinary action. I hope some of that action involves telling that kid to get some better taste in body spray, because that stuff is RANK.

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