Alaska Mom Wants To Change Her Daughter’s Middle Name To Something Awesome

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awesome name change I usually balk at Yoonigue names, which is lame of me because my own daughter’s middle name is Dare, and with a name like that who am I to judge? But I do think that having an odd or unique or interesting middle name is totally acceptable and also, rather awesome. Like this mom from Alaksa who wants to legally change her daughter’s middle name from Contea to Awesome to give props to her teenage son.

According to The Daily Mail, Mom allowed her 11-year-old son to initially pick out his sister’s name. Dominic wanted her first name to be Danger, something Mom vetoed. He came back with Awesome for a middle name, but Lisa picked ‘Contea’ at the last minute. Because the father of her daughter didn’t stick around too long after little Viviana was born, Lisa wants to show her son how much she has appreciated all of his help by using the middle name he wanted. Awwwwww. As far as I’m concerned, Dominic has some mad baby naming skills, what with Danger and Awesome, and he should probably be allowed to name at least a few babies in his lifetime. 

I also love the story behind this because it’s such a sweet reason for a name change. I think you can get a little weird with middle names because who cares anyway? It isn’t like most kids in school have teachers say their middle names in class so if it is something unusual you can always just lie and say your middle name is something totally pedestrian. Lisa is currently saving up money to make the name change legal.