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10 Baby Shower Themes That Don’t Suck

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Ah, baby showers.  I’ve said before that I think baby shower madness has gotten a little out of control; there are too many flavors and styles that my crotchety grumpy brain mostly interprets as one bland, tasteless flavor: “give me shit”.

But I might be ready to give baby showers a 15th chance, because after spending some time on Mommyish I’ve learned that this supposed “trend” of having a million showers and genital sneak-peaks isn’t so much a trend as it is the bastion of a few loud, greedy people, of whom everyone seems to know at least one. She’s usually your sister-in-law or that girl from high school (you know the one) or someone you are otherwise obligated to be civil to.

Baby showers, as they were originally conceived, are actually nice ideas–baby stuff is expensive and it’s a nice way to celebrate a terrifying exciting milestone. So I’m making it my goal to stop mocking baby showers so much, and these awesome baby shower ideas should help.

1. Dr. Who

This has to be number one, because it’s Comic Con, and I am feeling some serious nerd love today. I don’t think I’d ever have the funds or patience to put this together, but if I did I would win some kind of Friend Of The Year Award.

2. An Actual “Shower” Theme

I will never outgrow rainbows and foof, and you can’t make me, so there. Also, I really like puns and word play, which are hilarious no matter what anyone says, so this kind of shower is right up my alley.

3. Milkaholic

D’awww. I like the cow print, and if any of my friends threw me any party whatsoever with cheesecake-in-a-glass, I would love them forever.

4. Monsters

awesome baby shower ideas

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Adorable, adorable monsters. I like the cupcakes, and I want to believe that that’s because the wrappers are so adoraballs, but it’s probably just because I really like cupcakes.

5. Goodnight Moon

To be honest, I never loved Goodnight Moon. I just never, I don’t know, got it? But to my daughter it was like I was speaking magic sleeping words that never failed.

6. Vintage Carnival

In case you’re wondering, no, I never outgrew the carnival. Also, the thing I appreciate most about this shower is the honesty; no one wants a tiny quiche. Cheeseburgers are where it’s at.

7. Harry Potter

I think this Harry Potter themed party is all of the proof that you need that some people just really want to throw a party, no matter the occasion. I’m actually kind of surprised that I haven’t seen more Harry Potter themed showers before.

8. Moroccan

I get the feeling there won’t be any goofy shower games going on all up in this shower. Also, as an aside: LOOK AT THE LITTLE BABY ELEPHANTS.

9. Art Deco

I love art deco, which is why I am really, really glad that the recent The Great Gatsby movie has turned art deco styled parties into a thing that people actually do. Now go and do it some more. I can’t, because I am bad at parties.

10. Tattoos

If I were to have a baby shower, this is probably the one I would want; not only am I way into anything with Rice Krispies in it,  I like how much it doesn’t suck.