Heartless Salon Owner Allegedly Humiliates Mom Of Autistic Child

autistic boy thrown out of salonI think most parents have experienced their child having a meltdown in public. It can be a humiliating experience that leaves you feeling helpless. and it must be doubly hard when your child is autistic and literally cannot help him or herself in the moment, as anyone who has cased for a child on the spectrum can tell you. So I can’t imagine how the mother of an autistic boy named Grayson Bays must be feeling after a recent incident in a Michigan spa.

Grayson’s mother, Ashley Bays, is a long-time patron of the M Spa Salon located in Portage, Michigan. According to a witness, Vanessa Hunt, Bays was trying to calm down her hysterical 2-year-old son, who was having his haircut by one of the salon’s stylists. The owner, Michelle Mott was seen verbally berating Bays for not being able to calm him down, and went as far as to force them to leave the building and finish the haircut outside on the lawn. 

Hunt took to Facebook to show her dismay at the lack of compassion for the mother and her autistic child, saying;

“It was seriously painful to watch. At the conclusion of this woman’s tantrum, the mother said through tears, ”I’m so sorry, he’s autistic…I walked outside to see the hairstylist finishing the little boy’s haircut on the lawn The mom, still crying and cradling her precious son. We hugged her and cried with her too. It was so awful to see this.”

Ashley Bays has also spoken out about her ordeal:

“I’ve never experienced anything else like this before. I understand if she doesn’t want children in the salon, but she could have handled it a lot differently. She could have pulled us to the side. She was very insensitive that he does have special needs.”

According to Bays she has been loyal customer of the salon for years and has taken her son there many times. While this was the first time she had met Mott, the rest of the salon’s stylists were familiar with Bays and her son as well as his autism. 

Of course, like all intolerant jerks, Mott defended her actions by saying;

“A circumstance which arose with a young patron on Saturday, May 25, 2013 has drawn significant community and media attention due to inaccurate Facebook posting. Spa ownership addressed a situation which posed both an immediate, increasing safety concern to the child and a concern for other spa patrons.”

I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will applaud this poor excuse for a human being but seriously, if you know a child has special needs you should have a freaking heart and cut the parents some slack. Take them to the side, offer some suggestions, offer to have them back when the kid is having a better day. But to publicly humiliate them to the point where the mother is crying? Screaming at the child and the mother? There is no excuse.

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