School Airbrushes Student Portraits Without Permission, Thinks Yearbook Is The Cover Of Cosmo

93945870Students and parents at an Australian secondary school were shocked to see that the school took the liberty of authorizing touch-ups on the portraits the 12-17 year-old students sat for. Blemishes, freckles and even piercings magically vanished from the photos. I’m sure they were shocked to find out that some people actually like they way they look — “imperfections” and all.

Principal Graeme Holmes admitted the school took the “wrong approach” when they removed certain aspects of the student’s faces and personalities from school photos. In addition to the altering of blemishes, freckles and piercings, some students say their eyebrows were shaped and their noses were altered. What the heck? Principal Holmes told The Courier they would offer original photos at no cost to families. Gee, thanks.

Many of the students expressed anger that the photos did not show their real appearances. One of the students said,”We paid for a photo to show how we looked in 2015, but this isn’t how we look. Our identities have been changed and it doesn’t make you feel too good at all.”

This gives me hope for the future. It’s hard to tell how much of the Kool Aid the kids are actually drinking these days; if they actually believe the images we see in magazines, ads, and television are real. They’re not – everything is touched up, tweaked, and altered. Did you know there is an app that allows you to upload selfies and completely change the way your face looks? I guess it makes sense, everything exists, so why wouldn’t that? It’s just disturbing to know that people dislike their actual face so much that they would spend time altering it before they posted a picture of themselves. But when you think about it, it’s what celebrities get to do all the time before we see them in magazines. The App is called “Perfect 365.” Please download it and behold your new face.

It’s nice to know that these kids realize the qualities about ourselves that make us “imperfect” also make us who we are. It’s a shame the school attempted to erase that.

(photo: Getty Images)

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