6 Super Noteworthy Facts About Jessica Ridgeway’s Alleged Murderer Austin Reed Sigg

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Austin Sigg

The missing case, and consequently murder, of Jessica Ridgeway is taking some stomach-churning turns. Since the alleged murderer Austin Reed Sigg turned himself into authorities this week, we’re starting to get more of an image of the 17-year-old who confessed to taking the little girl’s life.

While some of tidbits run the Columbine-esque gamut of “goth” and “alternative,” Sigg appears to be more complex than just your average loner sulking at the back of class. Try as the media might to pigeon-hole these types into bullied anti-social advocates of Insane Clown Posse, Sigg appears — at least for now — like not that cut and dry. No doubt the press will probably jump all over the fact that his parents divorced in 2001, but we’ve got a little more to work with than just his parents’ marital status.

The details at his point are minimal given that court documents have been sealed. But what has been released to the public gives us perhaps a hazy image of what’s to come for the Sigg family, as well as that of Jessica Ridgeway.